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Hiring Yves Potvin Landscaping would be smart move for a number of reasons.  Yves has a way of seeing the potential with every property he works on.  Yves has a great eye for the disposition of the “natural” landscaping of properties and has the skill and experience to create a design which utilizes the natural lay of the land to its fullest potential.  I have always been impressed with the way Yves is able to listen to his customers and suggest options which fit in with the particular customer’s style and needs.  With Yves, it’s not about having the most extravagant or expensive design; it’s all about giving the client what they want and what they need, even if this means scaling back a project.

When on site, Yves’ crew takes a very professional and respectful approach to customer relations, which I believe is a reflection Yves’s way of doing business.

Finally, because of the size of Yves’ company, he is able to focus on one client at a time, leaving customers feeling like they are being attended to and are not just one of many “jobs on the go”

Phil Grandmaitre