Interlock Case Study Gallery

Curved Interlock Case Study

Ottawa Curved Interlock Patio

Curved Stone Interlock Entryway & Backyard Patio

The ever so popular curved interlock landscape enhances the beauty of homes. Not only does it add curb appeal and add value to your home, the material is low maintenance and will last. Bring out the charactor of the home but adding curves to your steps and garden beds.

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  • Rounded stairs entryway lanscaping
  • Add personality to your walkway with stone

Request an estimate to add curb appeal to your home. Let our team create the landscape that will enhance your outdoor living.  You can view more specific examples within our services.

Luscombe's Case Study

Luscombe's Interlock Pool Deck

Backyard Pool Deck with wrapping Stairs & Walkway

This was a great project where we extended their living space to the outdoors by integrating custom steps wrapping around the hot tub and highlighting the sunken pool. Interlock paving is amazing for keeping dirt out of the pools with minimal maintenance.

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  • Ottawa East Region Interlock Company
  • East Interlock Deck

Request an estimate for your next project. Let our team bring your concept to life and start enjoying your backyard. We are here to guide you throughout the project, keep you informed on the process and finish on time and budget.  You can view more specific examples within our services.

Valin's Case Study

Vanlin's Interlock Driveway

Interlock Driveway, Walkway, Staircase & Patio

Interlock driveways are integrated with your landscape and color matched with your home. Valin's investment increased the homes curb appeal and value. Don't forget the durability and minimal maintenance that comes with interlocking bricks and natural stones.

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  • Driveway Interlocking Stone
  • Driveway and walkway maintenance
  • Install Interlock Bricks
  • Custom walkway that wraps around your house
  • Interlocking Blocks for a durable outdoor stairs
  • Preparing the Back Patio for Interlocking Patio Stones
  • Clarence Rockland Interlock Paving